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Web Jabber - A web based Jabber Client in Java, An Open Source Project

Google new free services - Google Apps for Your Domain
You can use webjabber when you use free GMail with your domain. Just put use username, password and choose gmail-Google Talk from server list. - 09/12/2006

GoToServers.com. offers free SSL VPN now. Take a look and try. - 09/12/2006

Finally we have our own dedicated server.
We are working on another project GoToServers.com.
Hopefully we can generate enough revenue for continuing on Web Jabber.
We will bring Web Jabber back soon and integerate with GoToServers.com.
Thank you all asking and caring Web Jabber - 05/22/2006
Login screen changed. You can enter your JID without server selection or enter username with a server selected.
One-on-one chat Batch command added. Live Test - 09/20/2005
Chat State added on Applet Version.(JEP-0085: Chat State Notification) - 09/20/2005
Mail notify added for GMail user, message will be showed on Headline tab, if you get new mail - 09/18/2005
Internal File Transfer (WEBJABBER) added, if both side use WebJabber.Net, including Gtalk user can use it. It is supper fast!
Bookmark including both conference(MUC) and url added on Applet version. GMail user can't use it. GTalk doesn't support the protocal (JEP-0048: Bookmark Storage) currently. - 09/17/2005

"Send Feedback" button/link added on Tools. You can send Feedback in WebJabber IM.

Notity sounds added for online,offline, new message in chat and groupchat.

If you are experiencing difficulty login on jabber.org . Such as got Network error.
Please try login on from other servers.
jabber.org only supports 20 connections from same IP.

*if you want remove from Regular Users list, please send message to wjn@jabber.org or webjabber@gmail.com

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